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The Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands. We are also committed to the restoration of Ireland’s original climax ecosystem, through the re-creation of woodlands, using only native seed.

Our aims and principles were created of careful consideration to scientific best practise and the complex needs of landscape management in Ireland. These are reflect in our policy and legal documents governing the Trust.

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Ours Aims 


The protection, preservation and expansion of Ireland’s existing ancient and semi-natural woodlands.


The creation of new woodlands throughout Ireland, where these would naturally occur.



The restoration of the original flora, fauna and avi-fauna of Ireland’s woodlands.



To increase native woodland bio-diversity through suitable habitat creation and sensitive management..

Species Preservation

The preservation of every species and identifiable genotype of Ireland’s native tree.

With Your Help, We Are Protecting Our Forests

The Trust takes on sites across the country in order to protect them from harm, neglect or development. With your support we can safeguard these precious habitats from damage, remove harmful invasive species and reintroduce native trees that have been lost to the locality.

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Our Mission & Approach

We’re creating woods for future generations

Our woodland planting projects are making new habitats for wildlife, buffering existing woodland and creating new natural spaces for people to enjoy.  We work with landowners and farmers to utilise trees on their land. Trees can help regenerate soil, prevent flooding and provide shelter for livestock.  Ancient woods desperately need our support. These rare and irreplaceable ecosystems are under constant threat from development and from damage from deer overpopulation or invasive species.

EURO Raised

Your donation go directly to supporting our teams work in acquiring sites, managing and protecting our existing reserves and keeping our vehicles on the road.


Our volunteers to vital work across Ireland, helping us to plant trees, clear invasive species and gathering seeds to grow on in our tree nurseries.


Our members give us a reliable base of support for our staff, engage with our work through events and online discussions and our membership magazine Woodland.

Trees Planted

Through our volunteer days and events we manage one of the Trust’s most important tasks, planting trees and working to increase Ireland’s native forest cover.


Our reserves are the centre of our work, whether that be planting trees, protecting existing trees from grazing or damage, or removing invasive species.


Sponsorship are an incredibly important fundraiser tool for the Trust and they allow businesses to show their support for Ireland’s nature to their customers.

Ours Principles


New woodlands will only be created using native seed from native species from within a 10 mile radius of the new woodland (NNN). Where this is not possible, the nearest native source will be used.


Where re-introduction of an extinct species is proposed, new stock will be sourced from a region of similar climate and conditions, taking into account historical evidence of specific attributes.



Expansion of existing woodlands will, as far as possible,  be allowed to occur by natural regeneration.



Species Preservation

Hunting, tapping and harvesting will not be permitted on Trust property except where it applies to the management of exotic species.


Management of woodlands will be based on minimal human intervention, exceptions being: for the safety of visitors and the general public, it shall be deemed acceptable, in exceptional circumstances, for a woodland or land (which has not been donated) to be sold or swapped in order to better facilitate the overall aims of the trust, but not for reasons of commercial gain or future (unknown) investment.


Management of woodlands will be undertaken to the exclusion of all exotic flora and fauna, except where this may adversely effect native species or will be detriment of an area of beauty or local significance.

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