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Make a difference for generations to come.

  • Bring back and protect native Irish woodlands.

  • Help return Irish wildlife and biodiversity.

  • Make a real impact on future climate change.

The Native Woodland Trust is dedicated to saving the last of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands. Our aim is the protection, preservation and expansion of Ireland’s existing ancient and semi-natural woodlands as well as increasing native woodland biodiversity through suitable habitat creation and sensitive management.

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We’re on a mission to reverse the decline of Native Irish Woods

We need your help to:



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"Joining the Native Woodland Trust has been a transformative experience for me. Planting trees and protecting our native woodlands has not only helped the environment but also brought our community closer together. It's rewarding to see the positive impact we're making for future generations." 

Emily R.

Generations of deforesting

Ireland is one of the most deforested countries on the planet. It ranks 14th worst overall in for loss of nature.


Originally Ireland was forested from the sea shores to the tops of all but the highest mountains. Today we have less than 1/10th of one percent of these original forests.

Let's rebuild native forests and protect and grow biodiversity!

Native Woodland Trust

"Volunteering with the Native Woodland Trust has given me a profound sense of purpose. Knowing that my efforts contribute to restoring Ireland's ancient woodlands and biodiversity makes every moment worthwhile. It's incredible to be part of such meaningful work."

John D., volunteer

Now it's time to reverse this tragedy and return the trees and all the biodiversity that goes with them

Why we should help nurture Native Forests and plant trees:


• It brings people together
• It increases biodiversity
• It helps kids learn about nature
• People experience tree-planting
• Trees are beautiful to look at
• Trees stop soil erosion
• Trees help drip water slowly into the soil
• Trees help lessen noise pollution
• Trees are landmarks for generations 


• Trees support brodiversity
• Animals (e.g. squirrels), insects (grub), birds (nests) all live in trees
• Squirrels (nuts) birds (seeds and insects) all feed from trees
• One tree canopy supports hundreds of insect species
• Trees provide winter shelter for animals, birds and insects. 

Climate change

• Trees absorb carbon
• Trees provide winter shelter for animals, birds and insects
• Trees create oxygen
• Trees absorb pollution 


"Supporting the Native Woodland Trust has been one of the best decisions I've made. Seeing the return of native wildlife and the growth of our planted trees is truly heartwarming, and it proves that it's not too late! This organisation is making a real difference, and I'm proud to be involved."

Sarah K.

We're making an impact

We're immensly proud of our volunteers, sponsors and other's acheivements and we're only getting started...

Native Woodland Trust
12 forests under NWT protection
Native Woodland Trust Ireland Forest Trees
200,000 trees under protection
Group Planting a Tree Native Woodland Trust Ireland
500 active volunteers nationwide
Native Woodland Trust Plant Nursery
4 Nurseries Producing Native Springs
Native Woodland Trust Ireland
Return of thousands of insects and birds
Collecting Pine Cones Native Woodland Trust Ireland
Trees for Schools and Trees for Communities initiatives
Native Woodland Trust Ireland
500,000 Native trees planted
Native Woodland Trust Ireland
Return of native Mammals and other wildlife
Native Woodland Trust Ireland
Over 1,000 communities benefiting
Native Woodland Trust Ireland
2m seeds harvested to date
Native Woodland Trust Ireland Forest Fire
Thousands of tonnes of carbon captured
Native Woodland Trust Ireland Wych Hunt Initiative
Wych Hunt initiative

Visit our biodiverse forest woodlands

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