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One of the most recent reserve acquired by the Trust is our Donegal site, Toragh Wood. It’s situated by Lough Toragh above Glen Lough in the north of the county. Land-use over the 21.77 acres has been varied over time, with evidence of recent sheep grazing which has effected the vegetation. Eared willow, grey willow, and downy birch form stands along boundaries of the sites and down the centre.


There is ash, hawthorn, holly and rowan present. Ground flora includes herb-robert, germander speedwell, and common dog violet, as well as a range of ferns and mosses.

The Trust intends to allow these wooded areas to expand and diversify the species mix, with perhaps scots pines and sessile oaks.

Some ground species diversity will return naturally with the exclusion of grazing. Butterflies, green-veined whites and speckled wood, and birds, like ravens, willow warblers, chaffinches, and blue tits, are all present but improved tree mix could increase the breeding bird list.


Two invasive species that will need management on the site are rhododendron ponticum and sycamore.


Toragh Wood, Co. Donegal.

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