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Girley Wood

The land for Girley Wood was acquired in late 2013, as part of a joint preservation project around the land of Girley Bog in Co. Meath. Other groups that have become landowners and custodians are the Irish Peatlands Conservation Council (IPCC) and National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

Girley Bog covers over 250 acres and shares a loop walk. As part of the work of the preservation of the bog, ditches dug to drain the bog are being blocked with straw bales, to raise the water table level , and planting of trees has begun on the areas of the site which are suitable for this regeneration. The Trust site Girley Wood, is a mix of wet woodland and wet grassland that is currently is being colonised alder, birch, hawthorn, oak and rowan.


Girley Bog, Co. Meath.

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