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The Blessington reserve was acquired in 2010 and 16.5 acres situated in County Wicklow, on the shoreline on the Blessington reservoir, and a wetland area in the centre of the site. The public access to the site is from the new greenway out of Blessington at the lakeshore.


Some of the oldest trees on site are non-native beech planted around 200 years ago as part of the local landlords estate, Russborough House.

Willow and oak are in the process of regenerating. Long eared owls and buzzards roost around the site.


We have also recorded several species of bat, including Daubenton’s and pipistrelles, and there is a seemingly active badger sett also on site.


There is a healthy wetland area in the centre of the site with a range of wetland birds, such as snipe. The damp grassland that makes up much of the reserve is also an excellent site for caterpillars, moths and butterflies.


Russborough, Co. Wicklow.

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