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Bevan's Wood

Bevan's Wood at Humphreystown was donated to the Trust in 2019 after having been planted and managed by a dedicated farmer for many years. The seven and a half acre site sits south of Blessington lakes. The majority of trees are ash, birch, alder and oaks. A natural stream feeds into large man-made ponds which saw huge numbers of frogs in the spring.

Otters, pine martens, badgers, foxes and red squirrels have all been seen on this site. The stream also contains white-clawed crayfish, an endangered species that we are putting biosecurity measures in place to protect. This small site is such a vital refuge for so many sensitive species that it is currently not open to the public.


Bevan's Wood, Humphreystown, Blessington,

Co. Wicklow.

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